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Luna 2001-2012

October 10, 2012

I had the privilege of living with this funny, goofy, sweet-tempered dog who had much more than her fair share of personality – and she knew how to use it.

Life with Luna was truly an adventure. After 11 years, she left us a few weeks ago and we miss her more than I can say. I guess somehow, I thought she would always be with us even though she suffered from a variety of health problems throughout her life, none the least of which was severe epilepsy. But through all of the amazing things she did – her favorite when she was young was to bite down on a plastic sprinkler head and pull back hard, watching as the PVC pipe snapped several feet under the ground. I won that round by replacing all of the plastic sprinkler heads with brass!

Although she destroyed more than any other dog I have ever known – she really knew how to have fun – she also gave more love and kisses than I thought possible. Even now I can see her coming to me first thing in the morning, her whole body involved in the wagging of her tail at her joy in seeing me and greeting the new day. She was a very happy dog for most of her life, brought a lot of joy into our lives and will not be forgotten.

Last summer I really saw her for the wise old girl she’d become. I think she really did possess all the answers to life’s big questions, but she was not about to tell. In tribute to all the things she taught me, I created 12 greeting cards. If you’d like to see her bits of wisdom, please go to  (And in case you’re wondering, yes, she really did sit upright like that in her chair.)

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